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I was born in 1977 in Lubin. I am the author of poetic texts, which does not make me a poet right away. In addition to writing, I create graphics and websites. I am a member of the Stowarzyszenie Jeleniopgórski Klub Literacki. I created new poetic forms such as mitura, epotyk, defiancji.

I had debuted in August 2012 in the biweekly "Gazeta Obywatelska", where has been published one of my poems entitled: just like that, in the same year I have published a volume of poetry entitled: był tu nieznany. I also publish my poetry in almanacs and anthologies.

The theme of my poems is death and love. I'm exposing the weaknesses: the human and the world. I'm interested in a humen thrown into a dichotomous environment, inspired by pain, suffering and dissatisfaction. I follow the existing phenomena, things, human consciousness, truth, faith, good and I am looking for justification for them. I asked about their subjective conditions.

The intention of my creation is to change the perception of reality, and the transfer of power to free oneself from all limitations and determinants, also from the shackles of everyday life.

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