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and yet

a crowd
and me in the crowd
I get lost the crowd


which is only
a frozen bit of heart
which after all is not

I know

with time
my heart will beat for you
weaker and weaker
I'll hear the fading whisper
of memories being erased
from behind the wall


I must escape somewhere
find thicker air
to stop breathing

snappy infinity of the day
I say no-one needs me here


there was a world
and there were jealous stars
there was no love
and world went out


as a matter of fact I'm a moment of inattention
for sure a corpse in white sheets

dripping with blood of incomprehension I'm heading
somewhere where here and now are not simultaneous

as a matter of fact I don't care about anything anymore


I am silent
I want to be so
I will be silent
I will listen to silence
maybe in the silence I will hear
yet somebody else's silence

end of drama

poet's soul is dead
among verses
a closed chapter
and empty room in the house
and from friends
unfinished thoughts
the sky and lightnings
will clear away rotten flowers
and burnt out lights
from the grave

that's my procession
sighs won't wake up
so farewell

here I ask

why should you a passer-by condition life
ascribe it to goals and stratagems
isn't it better to sit in the shade
and focus on the azure of the sky

why should you listener create new ideas
and implant them in others' brains
isn't it better to change your life into a journey
revel all over the world and visit the seas

why should you spectator need money
to be the master of a great property
isn't it better to soar high up in the sky
to find yourself somewhere beyond its horizon

why should you reader need words
to look beyond my horizon
you have to fight your way through the thicket of the verses
and lose in it a part of yourself


I wander
I die out in the void
of your absence
something else makes me
wickedly weave a nest in the shade of your eyelids
to make a bow
to oblivion
I extend my cool hand
to say good-bye
and you come back no more
and I still return
to the empty house
as if home


I am looking at down
anywhere - pointless
I can see
a street full of people
ghastly walking
as if inside me
and I know
where I love no more
I remember the odour of love only too well
I simply intoxicate myself
with the mustiness of madness of not-me

in the temple of Hades

on the edge of a broken wreck boat
ananke ragged from the glowing sand
waiting as I laid to sleep
for the tide to divide it


I penetrate the garden of shadows like a tear
flowing out of sadness down the cheek to the sewer
and when I become new in despair
or whenever rise alive
and walk
or rather roam
leading for the country without borders
without time
without places
without repose

I am going
I sink into nothingness

just like that

they say poets are crazy
I don't know if it's true
volcanoes wait dormant
to erupt with anger
and cover roads with caustic ash
and fill the air with poisonous sulfur
are volcanoes dormant
when people flee in fear
they probably understand
that hot lava kills
otherwise you have to be crazy
to stand motionless
in the face of volcanoes and poets

The poem po prostu has been published in the biweekly "Gazeta Obywatelska" which appeared on August 17, 2012.

it is nothing

a city of poetic romances
in pursuit of the art of living
in a hidden moral doubt
where all barges can be seen
paid for with the usual fate of parts
and all coastlines
with the legend of their inhabitants
and stories written with blood
abandoned on street whores
politicians suspected of corruption
with the piece at that something
we catty in ourselves
which is still alive among us
and like autumn leaves
covered with gray look
before eternal wandering into oblivion
hides under a coat of snow
and fears the secret of death

– Poems marked with an asterisk included in the published a book of verse "the unknown was here"

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