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a visions
at nights I slash
horizons of nemesis

beyond the gate of time
a broken gaze
I sell out words

grown silent
in a corridor without doors
I die in solitude

I grow silent
in the last breath
an afterlife illusion

breathlessness of the sky
I halt this night
too late for consternation

by all means me
or out of doubts
i walk the line of death

into grown silent
or out of desire for lust
I am uplifted by death

is in not me
hence nobody's
I kill myself with love

on pages of memory
the words burn
with time with falsehood

the sky grown
with chimneys of Dachau
God's sparks fly

one tear arrested
forgotten timelessness
oppression wilderness

on a tormented night
the sky maliciously alien
I am bathed in blood

inspired by a dream
I die in sleep
whose revelation

half shadow in the heart
woven with a word into the void
soul's light goes out

in a tangle of efforts
burnt-out dreams
I tear apart my mind

in the silence of me
the colour of the burnt-out black
I wield a bad thought

The above ritual miniatures are written by Robert Urbaniak and constitute his intellectual property, therefore they are subject to the Act on Copyright and Related Rights, therefore it is forbidden to copy and distribute their contents without the author's consent. More about copyright.