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"I must" is such a disinclination to anything.

"There" is what there is no "here and now" - love for everything that is eternal and significant.

Time takes the pose of unimaginable thoughts.

Life sets us paths of understatement.

Death walks behind us like sparks in a fire.

Because only wandering we can find in on itself.

Our perception is a side effect of what you do not see – eternity here and now.

Moments are like tears in the pond, you catch one and annihilate other.

There is a time and there are places, are we, and if we really are the rest of it is also true.

We are born with the knowledge of the primary and secondary die.

We are born neither good nor bad and we die the same.

Words are like twists of our existence, its whole being says that there,s a bit of creative writing talent in all of us.

Life is an everyday eternity but shorter with a mament gone by, which doesn't wait through us for tomorrow.

Some things are too beautiful to believe that really happened, in than others too true to be denied.

Here and now do not protect us against anything, in the face of death were naked and lonely.

The more after you ask about the sense of life the faster you find the answer that it's worthwhile to waste every moment for the sense of looking for it.

Mad courage changes faces of the present into a language with words, yet we go on passing, still without reason, ironic fear of death immerses in the dark of frustration,chasing tomorrow's recognition we run over the border of death, tempted by unity we last beyond time, dreaming we wake up knowing not the future, our names, the rest is an illusion waiting for the end of our existence.

I assume that it's only fear, exposing human inclination to necessarily be, a human being both alive and rational.

Words are only shadows and thoughts are only delusions.

Naming everything with words is absurd as it would be much simpler to name everything an absurd.

Wielding influence or yielding to its pressure we limit ourselves to a substratum of expectations from our environment.

Life is something more then just a sum of unfulfilled expectations, it's waiting for the day of the fulfillment.

Words complicate everything, we've learned to use them because the nature wanted make our life even more complicated.

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